Nitartha Sambhota Unicode Font

The SambhotaUnicode font is our newest Tibetan Unicode font. We have added many new Sanskrit-Tibetan character stacks and have paid significant attention to improving their overall appearance. Our newest font works on both Windows (Vista and above) as well as Mac OS X (Lion and above). With Tibetan Unicode, users can enter text using different Tibetan fonts without needing to convert from different encoding formats. In the past prior to Unicode, different Tibetan font providers used their own proprietary Tibetan encoding formats. Thus switching from one Tibetan font to another would require running conversion software. Not only that, previous font files only supported 256 potential characters. Therefore multiple font files had to be used to support a full set of Tibetan-Sanskrit characters. Each Tibetan Unicode font file can support over 60000 characters allowing for extensive customized character stack support.

The SambhotaUnicode font has characters that look exactly like the characters in the Sambhota Ededris font. We have added many additional characters required by the Unicode standard. Also each character stack plus vowel combination is now a single glyph in the font. This leads to better uniformity when printing, publishing on the web or when copying text between different programs.

Please note that even though the operating systems on the PC and Macintosh support Unicode, this does not mean that all individual software programs provide such support. Thus you may find that your favorite word processor does not currently support Tibetan Unicode. Microsoft Word, Indesign, Open Office, LibreOffice do support Unicode however.